Striped skunks weigh about 4-12 pounds and measure approximately 22-30 inches long. They are natural scavengers and nuisance animals in urban and residential areas. 

Nocturnal in nature, they are most active at night, and sleep under the porch, patio, deck, or crawl space during the day. Their litter size ranges between 3-6 skunks, and their lifespan is 2-5 years in the wild. 

These creatures can communicate through scent marketing, and males often discharge during mating season. If threatened, they spray a highly putrid liquid a maximum distance of 15 feet at 180 degrees. The smell is not only horrible but can also lead to temporary blindness. 

You can depend on us for all your skunk removal needs. 

Skunks not only alarm your domesticated animals but also transmit diseases like rabies and salmonella. The offensive smell of random discharging by male skunks can also be intolerable. 

Call your local animal removal company if you notice these scavengers on your property. We will get rid of them safely.