Bat Control in Columbus

Facts About Bats

There are more than 40 bat species in the U.S. and Canada, but only a few kinds of bats ever cause problems for people. They typically case the most nuisances while roosting in large numbers, particularly in attics. As scary as they may seem, they are not aggressive, and their food source is primarily insects that are attracted to light. Though thought to be blind, they aren’t. Bats can see surprisingly well. They use their echolocation to navigate while flying. 

Bats only need roughly a quarter-inch space to enter your property. As soon as gets in, a colony is established, and the number of bats tends to grow. It's around when the colony becomes established that you begin to see bats coming and going from your house, droppings appear around the outside of your property, and sometimes stray bats getting inside of your home.

At Ultimate Pro Wildlife Removal, we understand the havoc these bats can cause. It doesn't matter what kind of bats they are; they cause big problems, and they need to go. That's why we implement a highly effective bat removal process to get them out and make sure that they stay out.

Protect Your Home from Bat Infestations

While bats play an important role in the ecosystem, they can become a nuisance when they roost in your home. Our Columbus bat control experts are trained to safely and humanely remove bats from your property and prevent future infestations.

Here are some ways to protect your home from bat infestations:

  • Seal any openings or gaps in your home's exterior to prevent bats from entering
  • Install bat houses to provide alternative roosting spots for bats
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to reduce potential roosting areas near your home
  • Regularly inspect your attic and chimney for signs of bat activity

By taking proactive measures to protect your home from bat infestations, you can ensure the safety and comfort of your family while also preserving the natural habitat of bats in the wild.

Comprehensive Bat Control Solutions in Columbus

Living in Columbus, Ohio, means you're familiar with the unique challenges our community faces, especially when it comes to wildlife. The local climate and urban environment can make homes particularly attractive to bats seeking roosting spots. At Ultimate Pro Wildlife Removal, we understand the specific needs of Columbus residents and are here to help you protect your home from bat infestations.

Our team is well-versed in the local regulations and guidelines set forth by the City of Columbus and Franklin County. We ensure that all our bat removal methods comply with these standards, providing you with peace of mind that the job is done right and legally.

One common issue in Columbus is the prevalence of older homes with small gaps and openings that bats can easily exploit. These entry points, often found in attics and chimneys, can lead to significant infestations if not addressed promptly. Our comprehensive inspection process identifies these vulnerabilities and provides targeted solutions to seal them effectively.

Additionally, the proximity to natural areas like the Scioto River and various parks can increase the likelihood of bat encounters. While these areas are beautiful and contribute to our city's charm, they also mean that bats are a common part of our ecosystem. We offer solutions that not only remove bats from your property but also encourage them to roost in more suitable locations, such as bat houses, which we can help you install.

By choosing Ultimate Pro Wildlife Removal, you're opting for a service that truly understands the Columbus area and its unique challenges. We are committed to ensuring your home remains bat-free while respecting the important role these creatures play in our environment.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are bats dangerous to humans?

Bats are generally not aggressive towards humans and primarily feed on insects. However, they can pose health risks through their droppings, known as guano, which can harbor fungi that cause respiratory diseases like histoplasmosis. Additionally, although rare, bats can carry rabies. It's important to never handle bats and to have professionals address any bat infestations in your home.

Why should I choose Ultimate Pro Wildlife Removal for bat control?

Ultimate Pro Wildlife Removal is equipped with trained professionals who safely and humanely remove bats from your property. Our team is knowledgeable about the behavior of different bat species and uses effective methods to not only remove the bats but also to prevent future infestations. We prioritize the safety of your family and the preservation of bats' natural habitats.

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Our Bat Removal Process

We’re wildlife experts and have a comprehensive process for finding and removing problem bats.

Our process includes:

  • Inspection: A licensed wildlife technician will come to your property to conduct a thorough inspection to identify if you have bats, the severity of the bats, and the damage caused. Based on the findings, the technician will develop a bat removal proposal for you to review.
  • Removal: Our expert personnel use bat doors to eradicate the bats from your home. Once the bats are out of your home, we will seal up any possible way of entry that they may be using. This process is quick to type, but it's a thorough and rigorous process. Once the bats are gone and the house is sealed up properly, we will clean any bat guano from your attic and disinfect it, which eliminates any attractants for other wildlife to come into your home.

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We are confident in our training and in our products. We provide all our customers with a 5-year warranty on all our work. We also provide extended warranties for any qualifying home.

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